Anyone wishing to surrender their dog will be asked to provide our rehoming team with as much information as possible about the dog and the reason for rehoming.

Things we would like to know is If your dog: has bitten or nipped anyone, chases cars or cats. The more honest you are and the more information we makes it a lot easier to rehome. 


When a dog is surrendered it becomes under the legal guardianship of the rescue home, until a new home is found. After a dog has been adopted we can't guarantee that the new owner will want to remain in contact with the dog's former home and cannot make any assurances on the matter.


Please do not demand that we take your dog right away as that will only slow down the process. We are asked on a daily basis to take in and rehome unwanted dogs and unfortunately there are and will be cases that we have to turn down. However we do take into account everyone's situation. There is a process to surrendering your dog to us and only in extremis will we stray from this. If you would like to surrender your dog to us please fill out your details below and tell us why you wish to surrender and we will send you a form to fill out. Next, depending on the severity of the case we will arrange a home assessment carried out by a member of our team and make our decision.


We ask that anyone surrendering their dog makes a donation to our rescue whether that's monetary, their favourite toy or a bag of their food. Whilst it isn’t mandatory you are leaving your “best friend” and we have to pick up the pieces,


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