Our Dogs

If you are interested in adopting any of our dogs please go to our adoption page for more info.

Please be patient with us during this pandemic. We are trying our best to provide safe effective care for our dogs while safeguarding each other and working within the law of the land. As usual, all our dogs are subject to a home check, contract and adoption fee.


Breed : Gsd X 

Age : 3 nearly 4 

Home : Experienced 

Dog Friendly : yes with bitches and neutered males 

Children Friendly : No Small

Animal friendly : Untested  ​


Rommel came to us as he was proving to much for the people who took him on and was testing them  on behaviour corrections . He would grumble and growl if they told him off and they where finding this difficult to deal with .  When he came to us he was a bit unsure and nervous but he has come right out of his shell and is proving to be a very friendly playful little boy . Rommel loves a ball and will play all day long if he got the chance to do so .  He is very neutral with other dog and doesn't tend to bother with them unless they want to play and he will play back .  We feel Rommel would suit someone with experience in the breed to deal with the behavioural issues he previously showed in the house . We are not sure if this was just him try to test his boundaries or if he can just be a grumbly growly dog as we are yet to see this side of him . We understand kennel and home environments are very different and we would like someone who can understand this to and correct any issues IF they occur . We also feel he would be better if he had a job to do or an active lifestyle as he loves playing and feel his moment may be caused by boredom or lack of brain stimulation .


Breed: Malinios 

Age:1 years old 

Home : Active or working 

Dog friendly : No

Child friendly : No 

Small animal friendly : No

Ray came to us as her owner discovered he was unable to cope with her already having a large dog in the house then a puppy got a bit to much, she is simply a puppy and just needed more time and exercise putting into her . 

Ray has been doing detection work and is taking to it very well . we want Ray to continue doing some form of work as this is something she really enjoys . 

She is a typical Mali high drive but very loving . Ray is very timid to start off with till she trust her handler then she is your best friend with a lot of confidence. 

Ray has a good ball drive and we believe she could be a good option to work . 


Breed: Mali X 

Age :2 years 

Home : Very Experienced 

Dog Friendly :not tested 

Child Friendly : NO

Small animal friendly : NO


Deane is the ASBO of the kennels although is he definitely a favourite amongst the volunteers .  He is extremely affectionate and loves nothing more than giving Mali cuddles.  He throws his water bowl over his head and loves to play.

Deane came over from Romania and we assume that he proved too much to handle or was sold on.  Another rescue took Deane and asked for our help in rehoming him.   Whilst with the other rescue Deane blotted his copy book and bit a member of staff, we assume this is because he resource guards, but were never told the exact events leading up to the incident, 

Deane has never showed any for of aggression toward any of our team and we have the opposite if anything as he loves giving cuddles . Deane needs his training to be worked with as this is one thing he is lacking but he is far from unruly ! He needs someone with experience of the breed who will put time into him and not just get bored of him .



Breed: Caucasian x Mali

Age : 3 and a half 

Home : Very Experienced 

Dog friendly : No

Child friendly : NO

Small animal friendly : No

Axel is our big fluffy teddy bear but he is a marmite dog he ether loves you or he hates you , hard to believe with them puppy dog eyes! 

Axel is a power house who would love nothing more than running across hills in the day and sleeping by your feet at night and what would be better than a huge fluffy rug snuggled up.

Axel is reasonably well mannered and eager to please he does get a little carried away at times and has been known to crash into our volunteers, he loves to play and have his belly rubbed.

Axel has bitten in the past the circumstances  are unknown . Due to size and history he needs to go to an experienced  handler who knows the breed and wont be scared to correct his bad habits . 



Breed : Malinois

Age : 2 Years old 

Home :Working or active 

Dog friendly : No

Child friendly : No

Small animal friendly : No

Little Sofia is a star, amazing with people but can be a bully with other dogs. She is very clever and knows some basic commands already, she’s very switched on and has a lot of drive. She isn’t coping well in kennels so needs a working environment to keep her stimulated.

Sofia is the most loving and affectionate dog we have she will do anything for a cuddle or just to be next to you . She loves nothing more than being out playing with toys . Sofia has got the potential to work with a bit of training we think she would make someone an incredibly companion . 

Sofia was a stray so her history shall always remain something of a mystery but we believe that this dog is a hidden gem. .


Breed: Dutch x 

Age :11 months

Home :Active pet 

Dog friendly :fairly sociable in an outdoor environment 

Child friendly :teenagers only 

Small animal friendly : No 

Zeb is a Dutch Shepherd/Herder X American Bulldog.

Zeb was surrendered into our care just before Christmas following some disagreements with the residing male dog at home.

Zeb is a typical 10 month pup- boisterous, excited and full of fun. Zeb has been trained to heel, sit, stay, down, leave and come.

Zeb is a cat chaser so no pussies please

We would hope that Zeb could live with a bitch pending a successful meet and greets as he is fine with other dogs outside of the home environment and has lived peacefully with another bitch.

Zeb is currently 36 kg and is expected him to grow bigger so please do consider this if interested in adoption



Breed: Dutch Herder 

Age :3 years old approximately

Home :Experienced willing to put time in ,with knowledge of the breed 

Dog friendly :Not tested 

Child friendly :No

Small animal friendly : No 

Jock came to us extremely aggressive, he had been badly aggression trained and his owner admitted that he had taught Jock bite work but had not how to out or relax.  

Jock has exceptional manners and is generally very good with everyone he has met. We feel jock would suit a one handler home who is going to understand his past and make his future nice and relaxed with an active life style .  

We have spent several weeks teaching Jock that life is not all about attacking anything that passes or confronts him so we do not feel that he should go a working him.  We do feel that he does require an experienced home who is willing to put time and knowledge into his future.


Breed: Malinios

Age : 4 years old 

Home :Experienced Active pet / working 

Dog friendly : Bitch friendly but can be dominate 

Child friendly :No

Small animal friendly : No 

Scooby is a multipurpose dog he has done some security work and is good at it too  but he also loves nothing more than going on long walks and being someone pet ! 

Scooby needs to find his forever home now where he can rest his head and just belong .

Scooby is a great dog that unfortunately came back to us because he started to bully their older dog . 

Scooby hates his neck being grabbed and will snap if you grab him ! Due to this he needs an experienced home..


Breed : Malinios 

Age : 2 years old roughly 

Home : Experienced and active 

Dog friendly : only with bigger male dog  

Children friendly : No 

Small animal friendly : NO !

Narla is our little pocket rocket . she is small but has all your mali traits in a spaniels size body. Narla is an amazing little dog that is very eager to learn but don't be fooled by her looking small and cute because she is fierce . 

Narla we feel would do well doing agility or something that would keep her busy all day long .

Narla has a serious drive for anything that moves hence why we don't feel like children or small animals would be a good decision unless you didn't like them very much  .

Narla came to us because she killed a cat . she also has been crated most of her life so never had the puppy hood she should have and because of this doesn't like being crated but will go in one  Narla does have a habit of chasing cars but we are slowly working on her with this . we cant blame her as she never really got introduced to all this at the young age.

If you have read through all this and feel you could offer Narla a Experienced active home then please fill a submission form in .