About Us

We officially opened our doors in September 2019, currently with twenty four kennels ready to house rescue dogs and work being undertaken to transform the remaining thirty six to the standards we demand.


​We are extremely lucky to have acquired a former boarding kennels, but we still have a great deal of work to transform the site into a fully functioning rescue centre.  We are busy spending all our spare time cutting back trees, repairing fences and replacing worn out equipment.  All of our team are volunteers and give up most of their spare time and money to help with building work in addition to ensuring that the dogs are well fed, clean, exercised and mentally stimulated. 

We are just taking over a  boarding kennels which will predominantly be for working dogs in Huntingdonshire.  We are extremely lucky that there is sufficient room for our rescue/rehoming kennels to be situated on site. 

By Summer 2020 we wish to have fully functioning kennels able to accommodate somewhere in the region of sixty dogs at any one time across the UK. Not all dogs cope in a home environment, just as not all dogs will cope in kennels. It really is as they say "horses for courses" and our assessment team endeavour to provide surrendered dogs with what they believe to be the most suitable environment. 

Also by mid 2020 we aim to offer training days and demonstrations by highly trained dog handlers on a monthly basis, weather permitting, but are also more than happy to offer advice via email or our Facebook page. Any dog we believe suitable will be offered to veterans suffering with PTSD as service dogs, but this project is still just a twinkle in our eyes.

We insist on home checks and may refuse potential adopters dogs if we deem the dog unsuitable for the environment offered. This does not mean that future applications will be declined, it usually means that we do not feel the particular dog you have chosen would suit your environment. 

We are always looking for individuals and families to become fosters for us across the UK. Alternatively if you cannot foster but still want to help we are always looking for volunteers to help out the Mars team. If you are interested please email us.