Dog Rehoming

Mars & Minerva Malinois Rescue is a non profit organization that specialise in the rehoming and adoption service for the Malinois, GSD x Mali and Dutch Herder. Initially formed  by a group of HM Forces Veterans and serving personnel, we are simply Malinois owners and handlers who wish to promote the breed but also raise awareness of owning a highly intelligent and active animal.

We currently have facilities across the mainland including the North East, Norther Ireland,  South West and North West of England and the Welsh Borders. 

About The Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is one of the 4 variations of Belgian Shepherd Dog. It is well-known for fawn-mahogany and short coat with a black mask, however this is not always the case, some like people, are different to the norm with light muzzles and some have dark coats. The three other breeds are Tervuren, Laekenois, and Groenendael.

​In the early years the Malinois was used as a guard dog and were the first breed of dog introduced to the Belgium Police.  During WW1 they were used in a number of roles by the military including messenger dog, ambulance cart dog and even machine gun cart dogs.  The diverse use of the dogs became apparent and several outstanding kennels started exporting their dogs across the world and their popularity grew.

Today the military and police forces across the world are favouring the intelligence, bravery and agility of the Malinois for a number of roles including detection and protection work. No doubt you have all seen videos on YouTube of Mali's leaping over cars and swinging from the arms of decoys. Yes, these dogs, if trained and handled correctly are capable of amazing things, they can also be extremely destructive, have a high prey drive and can be aggressive.


They are not the most suitable of pets for a first time owner or for anyone who believes that a dog can be purchased and will automatically become an all singing and all dancing perfectly trained pet.  If you want a dog that is all singing all dancing, this is not the site for you and please be prepared to pay thousands of pounds for such an animal.  Most of the dogs in our care have some issues, be it noise, prey drive, lack of socialisation or the fact the owners had no idea what the cute puppy they saw advertised may become.